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And we’re delighted to feed you, too

Delightfully yours is:

Listen up, folks. We’re not your average megacorp with a 1-800 number you call with a 90s jingle while we put you on hold for 20 minutes if you have a complaint (nothing against the Spice Girls, we’re just against putting people on hold). You can find our products in select grocery stores but we’d rather sell directly to you so you can save a buck or two. If you want to tell us how you feel, we’re always listening.

All about quality. We work with trusted farmers to source quality ingredients to make delicious, nutty parmesan cheese. Then we bake the cheese in huge ovens til it’s crisp and perfect for snacking. Speaking of which…

A healthy snacking alternative. These days, there seems to be a new diet or allergy influencing the way we eat. Parmesan Crisps are: gluten-free, soy-free, egg-free, low-carb, and contain no additives such as dyes, sugar, corn syrup (and honestly, why the heck would you ruin perfectly good cheese by putting any of that crap in there?)

Always listening to what you have to say. Sure, tell your friends about us. But we want to hear from you too! It’s the only way we can continue to get better — and there is always room for improvement. Maybe that’s because we’re perfectionists, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Delicious! This speaks for itself. If you try Delightfully Yours Parmesan Crisps and aren’t INSANELY SATISFIED with them, send them back to us for a refund.

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Delightfully Yours Parmesan Crisps Features:

Made with 100% Aged Parmesan Cheese
Delicate Texture
Gourmet Quality
High in Calcium
Protein Packed
Low-Carb Food
Keto-friendly snack